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Illustrations I've done both traditional and digital

Witch's Moon Stone without Title
home is where the heart is
ophelia book cover illustration
The Explorer
The Dreamer
The dreamer and the explorer 1
Valentine Dia de los muertos
"Where Are We Going?"
Moon Reflection
Have you ever seen a Mermaid cry before?
Bouquet of Apologies
Fool of Fate
Graphic novel black and white
Broken Hearts TV Heads
Botanical Gardens Photo Study
Safe Guarded
Planet 1 Mercury
Town homes street
Chalk art Memorial
The Red Tears of Chalchiuhtlicue
light house
Skateboard Poster
PhotoStudy 7.15.18
graphic novel page
Splash Page Comic
Business Card (Back) Day of the Dead Girl
Portrait of Carmen Sevilla
Still Life
Black Sheep
Dia de los muertos card
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